Liverpool top of the league for Agent Fees

LIVERPOOL pays more in agent fees than the whole of Scottish football does in transfer fees in a new study by the Premier League.

Scottish football paid £9.015million in disclosed transfer fees in the summer transfer window with £5.5million of that going to the Jozo Simunovic transfer by Celtic.

It is another indication of the widening gap between Scottish and English football when England’s top flight can spend more than all of the 42 teams in Scottish Professional Football League.

Liverpool are the biggest spenders of agent fees with a startling £14,301,464 in the Premier League.

The Football League published their agent fees with Cardiff City being the highest spenders with £2,828,133 going into the agent pockets. More than any other team in Scotland spent on transfer fees outwith Celtic and Rangers.

The total spent in the Premier League is a monumental £129,857,560.

AFC Bournemouth £2,328,862
Arsenal £11,928,584
Aston Villa £4,986,058
Chelsea £11,961,206
Crystal Palace £4,719,931
Everton £4,479,432
Leicester City £4,057,727
Liverpool £14,301,464
Manchester City £12,429,380
Manchester United £13,881,814
Newcastle United £5,946,031
Norwich City £2,484,285
Southampton £5,391,172
Stoke City £5,308,545
Sunderland £3,404,540
Swansea City £4,250,030
Tottenham Hotspur £5,987,052
Watford £1,620,229
West Bromwich Albion £3,342,217
West Ham United £7,049,001
Total £129,857,560



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